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How to Submit Employment Equity Reports Manually

How to Submit Employment Equity Reports Manually

In order to comply with Section 21 of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, Employers are required to submit their Employment Equity Reports. Employers can do this online or they can do it manually. How to submit manually is explained in this How To.


The Employment Equity Act applies to all employers, workers and job applicants, but not members of the –

  • National Defence Force;
  • National Intelligence Agency; and
  • South African Secret Service.

The provisions for affirmative action apply to –

  • employers with 50 or more workers, or whose annual income is more than the amount specified in Schedule 4 of the Act;
  • municipalities;
  • organs of State;
  • employers ordered to comply by a bargaining council agreement;
  • any employers who volunteer to comply.


  • Employment Equity Act
    Applies to all employers and workers and protects workers and job seekers from unfair discrimination, and also provides a framework for implementing affirmative action.

Who fills in this form?

All designated employers.

Where to get the form/report

You can get the EEA2 – forms for both large and small employers and the EEA4 – Reporting Income Differential Statement and electronically on the labour website under Employment Equity/Forms and Sample documents. Or alternatively, you can get it from your nearest labour centre. Please see ‘Contact Us‘ for a list of all labour centres countrywide.


  • Basic Guides
    Plain English summaries of key topics within labour legislation
  • Forms and Sample Documents
    Download application forms, claim forms, reports, and samples of employment documents with instructions.  You can also download templates of documents issued by the Department of Labour

When should Employers Report?

Large employers must submit their first report within six months of being designated, and thereafter annually on the first working day of October; and

Small employers must submit their first report within twelve months of being designated, and thereafter on the first working day of October of every year that ends with an even number.

Requirements for Reporting

Large employers, i.e. employers with 150 and more employees, must complete the entire EEA2 and EEA4 reporting forms. Small employers, i.e. employers with fewer than 150 employees, must only complete areas of the EEA2 form that apply to them.

All relevant areas of the form must be fully and accurately completed by employers. Designated employers who fail to do this will have their reports rejected.

Send the Report

Once employers have completed the EEA2 and EEA4 forms, it can be submitted by:

By Hand:

To ANY labour centre countrywide.
Please see ‘Contact Us’ for a list of all labour centres.


Employment Equity Registry
The Department of Labour
Private Bag X117
Pretoria 0001


012 3094737 / 3094188

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