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How To Set Up Learnerships if you are an Employer

How To Set Up Learnerships if you are an Employer

Employers must choose a learnership and apply for a learnership grant. Once they have completed that, they can set up contracts and learnership agreements with learners. They must also choose a training provider.

Setting up a learnership

If employers want to set up a learnership, they should use the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a learnership

Employers have to decide which skills they need and choose a learnership from the list. They can choose any learnership from any SETA.

Step 2: Apply for a grant

Employers can apply for a grant from their SETA once they have signed a learnership agreement. It is however important that employers contact their SETA before they sign the learnership agreement to make sure that the SETA has enough money. Contact the SETA to find out how to apply.

Step 3: Find a guide

Find someone in your organisation to guide the learners and help them with problems.

Step 4: Choose a training provider

Choose someone to do the academic part of the learnership. The training provider must be accredited by a SETA.

Step 5: Choose learners

Employers can choose learners from their workers or get unemployed people for the learnership. If they want unemployed people for learnerships, they can contact the nearest labour centre for a list of available candidates. Employers do not have to give the unemployed learners work after the learnership.

Step 6: Sign the learnership agreement

Employers, training providers and learners must sign a learnership agreement.

Step 7: Sign employment contracts with unemployed learners

Employers must sign a contract that complies with the Sectoral Determination for Learnerships with unemployed learners. It is not necessary to sign new contracts with workers already working for the employer.

Step 8: Register the learnership agreement with the SETA

It is important that employers register their learnership agreement with the SETA. If they do not, they will not be able to claim the tax break from SARS. Contact SARS for more details on how to claim the tax break.

Step 9: Start the learnership

Once all above steps have been finalised, employers can implement the learnership.

Ref: Skills Development Act

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