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Basic Guide to UIF Maternity Benefits

Basic Guide to UIF Maternity Benefits

Workers on maternity leave have the right to claim from the UIF. Workers must apply and will be paid at the labour centre of their choice.


The Unemployment Insurance Act and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act apply to all employers and workers, but not to –

  • workers working less than 24 hours a month for an employer;
  • learners;
  • public servants;
  • foreigners working on contract;
  • workers who get a monthly State (old age) pension; or
  • workers who only earn commission.

Domestic employers and their workers are included under the Act since 1 April 2003.

See (Ref)

Provides security to workers when they become unemployed.


Who can claim?

 You cannot claim if you –

  • get benefits from –
    • the Compensation Fund for an occupational injury or disease; or
    • any other unemployment fund; or
    • have been suspended from claiming because of fraud.

You can claim if you are on maternity leave.

Based on legislation in Section 14Section 24Section 36of the Unemployment Insurance Act

When must I claim?

Workers must apply as soon as they go on maternity leave.

Based on Legislation in Section 25 of the Unemployment Insurance Act

How long can I claim for?

Workers can claim for 17 weeks. Workers who miscarry in the third trimester or have a stillborn child can claim for six weeks.

Based on Legislation in Section 24of the Unemployment Insurance Act

How do I claim?

Workers must fill in the application forms and, together with other required documents, hand it in at a labour centre.

Benefit Payments

How will I be paid?

Benefit payments will be paid at your bank account.

Based on legislation in Section 23of the Unemployment Insurance Act


No tax is payable on the benefits.

Based on Legislation in Section 34 of the Unemployment Insurance Act


If you get more money than you should, you must pay back the extra money.

Based on Legislation in Section 35of the Unemployment Insurance Act

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