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Basic Guide to the Health and Safety Duties of Employers

Basic Guide to the Health and Safety Duties of Employers

Employers and the self-employed must make every effort to ensure the health and safety of the workplace.  Health and safety incidents must be reported to health and safety representatives and inspectors.

Employer’s Duties

All employers must –

  • provide and maintain a safe, healthy working environment;
  • ensure workers’ health and safety by providing
    • information,
    • instructions,
    • training, and
    • supervision;
  • inform health and safety representatives of –
    • incidents,
    • inspections,
    • investigations, and
    • inquiries.

Self-employed people must ensure that they, their workers, or others are not exposed to health or safety risks.

Reporting Incidents

Employers must report to an inspector incidents in which –

  • people are killed, injured, or become ill,
  • dangerous substances are released, or
  • machinery fails or runs out of control.

Site of Incidents

No one may disturb the site of an injury or death.
This does not apply to –

  • public road traffic accidents;
  • household incidents, unless reported to the SA Police Service; and
  • aviation accidents.

Ref: Occupational Health and Safety Act

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