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Basic Guide to Employment Equity Managers

Basic Guide to Employment Equity Managers

One or more senior managers in a company must be responsible for implementing the employment equity plan. Employers must make sure that the managers do their duty.


The Employment Equity Act applies to all employers, workers and job applicants, but not members of the –

  • National Defence Force;
  • National Intelligence Agency; and
  • South African Secret Service.

The provisions for affirmative action apply to –

  • employers with 50 or more workers, or whose annual income is more than the amount specified in Schedule 4 of the Act;
  • municipalities;
  • organs of State;
  • employers ordered to comply by a bargaining council agreement;
  • any employers who volunteer to comply.

See (Ref)

Applies to all employers and workers and protects workers and job seekers from unfair discrimination, and also provides a framework for implementing affirmative action.

Employment Equity Managers

Employers must?

  • name one or more senior managers to supervise and implement the employment equity plan;
  • give the managers the power and resources to do their duties; and
  • make sure the managers do their duties.

Based on Legislation in Section 24of the Employment Equity Act

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